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Article Title : Research on the Construction and Practice of the Training Platform for Applied Talents of Art Design from the Perspective of Cultural Creativity
Author(s) : Shuang Han
Corresponding Author : Shuang Han
Keywords : Cultural Creativity; Artistic Design; Application-Oriented; Collaborative Training.

Through extensive and in-depth investigation and analysis, the trend of cultural and creative transformation in my country and the characteristics of the demand for art design talents are analyzed, and the goal of art design talent training that meets the cultural and creative industries and meets the needs of the society is proposed: to cultivate a solid technological foundation and profound professional knowledge of art. With a broad international vision, good character, profound humanistic literacy and a scientific spirit of seeking truth, he can grow into an applied innovative talent in the field of art and design. The main essence of the content of this achievement is to compare, introduce, and absorb the design professional talent training system of domestic and foreign design colleges, and combine the domestic curriculum and teaching methods to put forward the goal of cultivating applied art design talents to build a "multi-track" The art and design education and teaching system with the talent training platform as the core will better serve the cultural and creative industries.