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Article Title : The Dilemma and the Way out for Teenagers to Identify with the Socialist Core Values
Author(s) : Qing Zhang
Corresponding Author : Qing Zhang
Keywords : Teenagers; Core Socialist Values; The Mire; A Way Out.

Teenagers are the future of the country and the hope of the nation. Whether they can recognize and practice the core socialist values is not only related to the future development of China, but also directly affects the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. As liang qichao said, the young strong country is strong. The living and growing environment of contemporary teenagers is more complicated than ever. The economic globalization, cultural diversification and ideological diversification, especially the information network, have greatly increased the opportunities for them to contact with external knowledge and information. Due to the lack of life experience, mature thoughts and social practice, some young people are weak in the ability to identify wrong thoughts and information, and are easily affected by external bad factors, resulting in ideological confusion and lost values. Adolescence is not only an important period for the growth of body, but also a critical period for the germination and gradual formation of outlook on life, world outlook and values. In this period, without strengthening the ideological and moral education, and without strengthening the guidance of values, it will be difficult for the youth to distinguish between right and wrong. Recognize the importance and necessity of education, but also improve the pertinence and effectiveness of education. The goal leads the content. Method determines effectiveness. Guide teenagers to improve and improve themselves in the process of serving others and contributing to society.