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Article Title : Opportunity for the Establishment and Development Trend of University Consortia--Analysis of 49 Chinese University Consortia
Author(s) : Liangjie Yang, Lingyu Chu, Wenxu Hua
Corresponding Author : Liangjie Yang
Keywords : College Alliance; Opportunity Establishment; Development Trend.

This paper summarizes the history of the development of university alliances at home and abroad, and analyzes the establishment, operation and development of university alliances by applying theories of learning organization. Based on the analysis of the establishment of 49 Chinese colleges alliances, this paper proposes to create opportunities to respond to relevant policies, promote one or more universities to take the lead and initiate, and motivate education management administrative agencies to set up college alliances. Moreover, this paper suggests college alliances which have policy support, similar location, equivalent strength, good reputation, joint practice, same regulated sector, similar or complementary advantages should build contributing factors. At last, this essay puts forward three major development trends of college alliances, which are the emergence of new university alliances, with prominent economic functions, emphasis on the discipline development and promotion of “double first-class” construction as well.