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Article Title : An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Willingness to Use Mobile Fitness App Based on TAM
Author(s) : Mengjia Ying, Junyan Lan, Liushan Lou, Yibo Chen, Gewen Feng, Xiaolong Ma and Zhangguo Shen
Corresponding Author : Zhangguo Shen
Keywords : Fitness APP; SPSS; TAM Model; Willingness to Use.

The rapid development of the mobile fitness app promotes the development of the national fitness exercise, and the influencing factors of the mobile fitness apps' willingness to use are helpful to promote the national fitness activities and improve the overall physical fitness of the people. Based on the in-depth analysis of the existing fitness APP development issues, this paper uses literature data method, questionnaire survey method, spss and other methods to analyze the influencing factors of the use of mobile fitness software based on technology acceptance model (TAM), and establish an influencing factor model and conduct empirical research. It is concluded that the attitude of urban residents has a positive impact on mobile fitness apps. Whether fitness apps are practical, useful, and low cost also affects whether urban residents are willing to use mobile fitness apps. This article puts forward opinions and suggestions on the development of mobile fitness based on the conclusion.