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Article Title : Error Analysis of ESL Students’ Writing Composition: A Case Study of English Major Students in Chinese University
Author(s) : Ganlin Chen
Corresponding Author : Ganlin Chen
Keywords : Error Analysis; Comparative Analysis; Negative Transfer; Writing Teaching; English Writing; Error Types.

This thesis took 74 English major students in Nanfang college of Sun Yat-sen University as the research participants and the theory of language transfer and error analysis as guidance. The present paper employs the methods of EA to classify ESL students’ common errors, and try to explain the causes of these errors while the paper aims to find out the regularities of errors so that the teachers can help students to improve the writing ability by the training of learning strategies and the employment of them. Among all the English writing errors, errors in discourse are the most prominent, followed by lexis and syntactic errors. Finally, the reasons are found that the differences between English and Chinese, the lack of language environment, the weak English language awareness and improper teaching strategies all lead to the native tongue negative transfer. On this basis, teachers should guide students to pay attention to the differences between English and Chinese language, create a language environment for students, face up to the native tongue transfer, and strengthen the strategic guidance for students.