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Article Title : Serve Your Community, Learn from Society – Integrate Community Participation into Landscape Architecture Education in China Based on Service-Learn Theory
Author(s) : Jiachun Yao, Mary G. Padua
Corresponding Author : Jiachun Yao
Keywords : Community Engagement; Service-learning; Landscape Architecture Education in China.

The concept of community participation through interactive workshops that seek feedback from the community has evolved immensely in the United States (Mortice 2014). In fact, the concept of service-learning and community engagement are typically found in universities throughout the USA. In China, the notion of seeking community feedback early on involved with boxs where the community can leave their written comments. This research seeks to explore answers to the question: How can the community-based design approaches are integrated into landscape architecture education. In recognizing these challenges, this research presents ways that community participation was incorporated into landscape architecture education. The research goal is through work with the Hou Cun community in our Urban Design Studio, we attempted to develop a model for community participation through the students’ engagement with the locals. As an experiment in “action” research and community engagement, this work presents the activities and outcomes of this work.