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Article Title : Study on the Status Quo of English Grammar Teaching Based on Situational Teaching Method in Senior High School
Author(s) : Wangyin Li
Corresponding Author : Wangyin Li
Keywords : English Grammar Teaching in Senior High school; Situational Teaching Method; Status Quo.

Traditional English grammar teaching focuses more on the impartment of grammar knowledge and the recitation of grammar rules, but ignores the cultivation of students’ comprehensive language usage ability. Under the pressure of college entrance examination, the English grammar class in senior high school is full of grammar exercises and mechanical practice. Such teaching method can easily lead to a boring grammar class, thereby causing a series of problems such as poor learning efficiency, teacher-centered class, dull classroom atmosphere, etc. This paper takes the Guiyang No.2 Senior High School as the survey object and intends to study the status quo of the application of Situational Teaching Method in English grammar teaching in senior high school through questionnaire, interview and class observation. Conclusions are achieved as follows: some teachers in senior high school hold a negative attitude towards the application of Situational Teaching Method in English grammar teaching; Situational Teaching Method is not widely used in English grammar teaching in senior high school. Therefore, some feasible suggestions are given to teachers and students in senior high school respectively.