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Article Title : Exploration of the Blended Teaching Model Based on "Blue Moyun Class" in the Reform of Biochemistry Teaching
Author(s) : Xuesong Liu, Xiaorong Xie, Fangyu An, Xueyan Li, Xuejuan Chen, Guangqin Geng, Xiaoping Zhang, Zhaoyan Liu, Yuetong Zhao, Xiaoyan Su
Corresponding Author : Xiaorong Xie
Keywords : Mixed Teaching Mode; Lanmoyun Class; Biochemistry; Teaching Reform; Teaching Effect.

Objective Discuss the application and teaching effect of blended teaching mode in biochemistry teaching. Method The four-year nursing major parallel class of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is selected. Class A is the control group and adopts traditional teaching mode; Class B is the experimental group and adopts mixed teaching.   At the same time, the material metabolism chapter is taught, and the teaching effect is evaluated by analyzing students' usual grades, final grades, final grades and questionnaires. Result The test group's usual scores, final grades, and final scores were higher than those of the control group. The test group's independent learning ability, teamwork ability, language expression ability, exploration and reflection ability, and research thinking ability were better than the control group. Conclusion The teaching effect of the mixed teaching mode is better than the traditional teaching mode.