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Article Title : Exploration and Analysis on the Designs of Chinese "Longevity" Cultural and Creative Products under the Background of Aging Society
Author(s) : Yanlian Song
Corresponding Author : Yanlian Song
Keywords : Aging Society; Traditional "Longevity" Culture; Cultural and Creative Product; Innovative Design.

The Chinese nation has a profound historical tradition of respecting longevity and the old for thousands of years, the traditional "longevity" culture is the essence of traditional Chinese culture, which expresses people's prayer and hope for longevity, nowadays, with the progress of aging society, the problem of the elderly has become an international focus; furthermore, the cultural and creative industry in the domestic and foreign markets is booming, which has made the cultural and creative industry become a hot topic in the market. In this paper, the systematic analysis has been conducted for the current situation of Chinese "longevity" cultural creative products, the connotations and times significance of Chinese traditional "longevity" culture and the design direction of Chinese "longevity" cultural and creative products, the author hopes to provide some references and suggestions for the integration of traditional "longevity" cultural elements into designs of modern cultural and creative products.