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Article Title : Research and Analysis of the Coordination of Monetary Policy and Macro-prudential Policy
Author(s) : Jing Zhang , Shanshan Guo
Corresponding Author : Jing Zhang
Keywords : Macro-prudential policy; Monetary policy; Goal research; Implementing subject.

After the financial crisis in 2007, the relationship between macro-prudential monetary policy and micro-monetary policy has changed, which is one of the topics and key points of the current monetary policy research. This paper fully grasps the main content of the current research objectives of macro-prudent monetary policy, combined with the objectives of monetary policy in recent years, further analyzes whether the above two policy tools have certain specific feasibility and operability in monetary policy coordination. Then it systematically reviews a series of research achievements in recent years, such as the relationship between macro-prudential monetary policy and micro-monetary policy, the comprehensive coordination and implementation of the two policy tools, and the subject of comprehensive coordination of macro-prudential monetary policy in recent years. Finally, the paper puts forward some valuable monetary policy research suggestions on how to establish and improve a more perfect and targeted monetary policy framework for macro-prudence and monetary policy in recent years.