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Article Title : Research and Enlightenment of Apple’s Business Model under the Economic Globalization
Author(s) : Shuyu Zhou
Corresponding Author : Shuyu Zhou
Keywords : Apple, Business model, Marketing strategy, Sino-US trade disputes.

Apple is a dominating company in high-end electronic market. It has achieved remarkable achievements in relevant market share, technology innovation, unique products design and delivers out-standing value to its consumers. How Apple operates in fast changing environment will provide a reference for other companies. So, the business model of Apple is worthy discussing and exploring. Firstly, the background and development stages will be stated in this paper. secondly, it analyzes the internal framework from the perspective of financial statements, and discusses how Apple deals with its worldwide suppliers, tax issues, R&D investment and technological acquisition, and the stock market. Thirdly, Apple’s excellent marketing strategy creates high-quality loyal consumers, and through the brand effect, it gains excess premium and extra value. Fourthly, besides the microenvironment of Apple’s efficient operation, Apple, as an America company, also faces great challenges from the current Sino-US trade disputes in the process of targeting international market. How Apple mediates between two powers has great influence on Apple’s global market, especially in Chinese. Being faced with the crucial moment, driven by the US political pressure and the sensitive attitude of one of Apple’s largest supplier market and consumer market, China, Apple is required to make a quick decision on the trade disputes issue. This will not only affect Apple itself , but also the entire Chinese electronic devices supplier market. Finally, as a far-sighted company, how will Apple maintain its current leading position and keep improving the whole industry environment in the process of cooperating with worldwide value chain members will become valuable materials for technology companies. Through the study of apple, more effective information will be learned in this paper, not only Apple’s internal operation, but also forward-looking strategy in international market.