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Article Title : Research on the Sustainable Development of Construction Industry in Chongqing
Author(s) : Yuan Zhang
Corresponding Author : Yuan Zhang
Keywords : Chongqing, Construction, Sustainable Development, Efficiency Evaluation, DEA Model.

With the further improvement of the life quality and the progress of the national scientific and technological information level, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the domestic construction industry has become an important means for the government to improve people's livelihood and the construction environment. First of all, this paper analyzes the research status of the evaluation methods of sustainable construction to grasp the latest scientific research methods and conclusions. Then, this paper makes a preliminary analysis and research on the development course of sustainable construction industry in Chongqing, finds out the problems in Chongqing construction industry, and summarizes the sustainable development measures applied in Chongqing in recent years. Then, this paper determines to use the method of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for evaluation and analysis, the level of the establishment of input and output index system. Through the collection of data and software analysis, the results of technical efficiency, scale efficiency and comprehensive efficiency are analyzed comprehensively, Then, we conclude: the early stage of sustainable construction industry in Chongqing is fluctuated, stable and effective. Finally, according to the data results we give some suggestions to the sustainable development of Chongqing construction industry.