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Article Title : Symbol of Symbols: The Visual Image of Urban Cultural Heritage
Author(s) : Jiaying Wang, Honghai Zhang
Corresponding Author : Honghai Zhang
Keywords : Urban cultural heritage; Visual image; Symbol; Computer pattern

The rich cultural heritage of a city is a cultural symbol of a city, both in material and spiritual terms. On the basis of analyzing the particularity of the visual image of urban cultural heritage, this paper proposes that the visual image of shaping cultural heritage is an idea of constructing the “symbol of symbols”. It is not only designing the figure and the logo, but also creates the rich and symbolic meanings and metaphors for those symbols. Today's computer technology has unique advantages in visual design, especially in the integration of graphics processing, computer-generated patterns are rich, and break through the space constraints of graphic design. Establishing systematic visual image from the perspective of visual communication design,With the help of computer technology,is an effective method to protect and active culture heritage,It is conducive to enhancing the people's sense of identity and belonging and it is also an indispensable part of the sustainable development of urban cultural heritage.)