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Article Title : The construction of the discourse system of ideological work in the new era
Author(s) : Wenshuang Zheng, Xiaohong Ma
Corresponding Author : Wenshuang Zheng
Keywords : ideology; discourse system; new era

Ideological work has always been the focus of the work of the Party and the State, and is related to the future fate of the country. As we enter a new era, the situation in the ideological field remains intricate and complex, and the construction of ideological discourse faces many new challenges. To do a good job of constructing the discourse system of ideological work in the new era, we must be based on our own national language, unveil the false veil of capitalist ideology, respect the subjectivity of the people in ideological work, adhere to the unity of party and people in ideological work, and make good use of the infectious and affectionate mass discourse. General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the work of ideological construction, pointing out that enhancing the dominant power and discourse of ideological construction is the focus of work in the new era, which points out the direction for the construction and development of the ideological field in the new era. Ideological propaganda discourse originates from the real life of the people, and also to returns to the people's actual experience of the world of life at the moment, genuine concern for the needs of the people, solve the people's difficulties, and effectively reflect the interests of the people and value orientation. Constructing ideological propaganda discourse system in a new era is extremely important for enriching and developing Marxist ideological theory, building a flesh-and-blood connection between the Party and the people, gathering and consolidating Chinese power to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and enhancing the international influence of Chinese discourse