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Article Title : Research based on the phenomenon of food waste in Internet celebrity restaurants
Author(s) : Yexuan Jiang, Yiting Zhang, Jing Cheng
Corresponding Author : Jing Cheng
Keywords : Internet celebrity restaurant, Food waste, consumer.

This research group uses a combination of questionnaire surveys and in-depth interviews, from the perspectives of merchants and consumers, and analyzes problems more diversified[1]. Currently, a survey of Internet celebrity restaurants in Siming District, where celebrity restaurants gather in Xiamen, has been launched. Data analysis shows that the age of consumers in Internet celebrity restaurants is concentrated between 15-35 years old, and most of them are female consumers, and more than half of consumers are students and company employees[2]. By comparing the results of interviews with merchants and consumer questionnaires, it is found that self-service ordering makes it difficult for merchants to guide customers to order, and most merchants will not actively suggest customers to pack leftover food[3]. In the phenomenon of food waste, women’s food waste is much greater than that of men; food waste in dessert shops and Thai restaurants is more serious than other restaurants. In the survey of the degree of understanding of the Operation Empty Plate, it was found that people of different ages have significant differences in the degree of understanding of the Operation Empty Plate. The causes of food waste are largely related to consumers' gender, occupation, whether to travel to the building, and whether the waiter guides them.