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Article Title : A Literature Review of the Influence of Salary Management Fairness on Employees' Work Performance
Author(s) : Lu Zhao
Corresponding Author : Lu Zhao
Keywords : Salary Management; Fairness; Employee Performance.

The issue of fairness has existed since ancient times, but has been placed in a relatively secondary position in the process of development. With the development of productivity and the progress of social civilization, people pay more and more attention to whether they are treated fairly. Therefore, the issue of organizational justice has become an important topic in the academic research. As a detailed branch of the research field of fairness, the fairness of salary management has increasingly aroused the research interest of many scholars, who have made a lot of profound and outstanding discussions on the fairness of salary management, and achieved a series of constructive results. This paper reviews the research results of domestic and foreign scholars on the impact of salary management equity on work performance. Firstly, it includes the connotation and structure of salary management equity, then summarizes the impact of salary management equity on work performance, and finally points out the future research direction of salary management equity.