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Article Title : On the Problems and Improvement Measures in the Education of Fine Arts Theory in Universities
Author(s) : Aoxiang Liu
Corresponding Author : Aoxiang Liu
Keywords : Education of art theory; problems; measures.

The education of art theory of the universities has been in a position that is not paid attention to, and the artistic cultivation and innovative thinking of college students can not be improved for they are inefficient for education of art theory. In fact, there is a great space for the development of art theory in colleges and universities in China. In order to enhance the artistic literacy and accomplishment of college students, we should attach great importance to the education of art theory and increase some content of modern teaching. This paper mainly studies and analyzes the current situation and problems of education of art theory in universities, and puts forward some improvement measures. At present, it has gradually become a trend to study art and to pursue development by art schools. For many families, sending children to learn this subject can reduce the pressure brought by the college entrance examination. Through short-term learning, they can get admission to colleges and universities with lower fractional lines of cultural courses. Therefore, for many students who studied art, they only need to have the skills training a few months before the college entrance examination, then they can enter the universities easily. It also shows that for many colleges and universities in China, their attention to the knowledge of art theory would be far less than skills of the university art. In recent years, with the increasing number of candidates, many colleges and universities are also carrying out different degrees of enrollment, which leads to more ignorance of the knowledge of art theory. Therefore, under the background of culture in universities, it is imperative to strengthen the importance of the school to the knowledge of art theory, also cultivate the students' artistic literacy ability and improve the knowledge of art theory of them.