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Article Title : Research on the Economic Consequences of the Transfer of Company Control
Author(s) : Jinyu Tian, Nan Miao
Corresponding Author : Nan Miao
Keywords : Control Transfer; Economic Consequences; Enterprise Value.

Under the condition of market economy, control right refers to the power to make decisions. Today in the 21st century, with the accelerated expansion of economic globalization, the rapid and efficient development of the global economy, the split share structure reform in the capital market, a new wave of "transfer of control" is also accelerating towards us. The relevant research types of corporate control right transfer are also more diverse. One of the basic research directions is whether the transfer of control right will affect corporate value. The rapid development of the market economy and the completion of the transformation of related industries make the market have higher standards for listed companies. The transfer of control rights has become the preferred way for enterprises to survive in the market economy, seek more efficient development and increase enterprise value. However, once the selected transfer method is not suitable for its own enterprise, it will produce bad results and damage the company's value. Therefore, when faced with the problem of transfer of control rights, listed companies need to make reasonable decisions, reasonably analyze the economic consequences of the transfer, and select the optimal transfer mode in order to seek a better way to increase the value of the enterprise.