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Article Title : Research on the Development of Jiangsu's Open Economy in the Severe and Complicated Situation
Author(s) : Chenxi Zhu
Corresponding Author : Chenxi Zhu
Keywords : New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic; Jiangsu Province; Open Economy

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has had an impact that cannot be ignored on my country's open economy. Taking into account the development pattern of the epidemic, the impact of the epidemic on my country is expected to be concentrated in the first half of the year. This article will mainly study the development status of the open economy in Jiangsu Province, and analyze the current development trends of the open economy in Jiangsu Province in the first quarter. The epidemic will impact my country's economic operation by affecting the resumption of work and production, import and export orders, and the ability to attract foreign investment. In order to enhance the "immunity" of Jiangsu's open economy, the government must provide assistance, introduce relevant roundabout policies, accelerate the reform of the system and mechanism; improve the level of foreign trade facilitation, encourage the development of new trade formats, and add new e-commerce channels; make good use of " The Belt and Road Initiative will explore more trade possibilities, continue to expand market opening, cultivate new growth points for foreign trade, and inject new momentum for stabilizing foreign trade.