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ESS 2021: Preface

Article Title : Preface: 2nd International Symposium on Education and Social Sciences (ESS 2021)

2nd International Symposium on Education and Social Sciences (ESS 2021) was held during May 22-23, 2021, the convening of this ESS is a breakthrough for the organization committee, which used a combination of online and offline methods. Eventually the meeting was successfully held offline - Xi’an City and online - Tencent Meeting platform. The aim of the conference is to provide an interactive platform for the academicians, R & D organizations, industries, innovators, entrepreneurs, government agencies and policy-makers etc., from both China and abroad to exchange ideas on recent researches and advances in the domain of education and social sciences with its prospective application in the various interdisciplinary domains of engineering. This two-day conference was being organized in technical association with Research Center of Engineering and Science and included invited keynote talks and oral paper presentations from both academia and industry to ignite our young minds, to initiate them in the field of meaningful research and thereby enrich their existing knowledge. ESS 2021 had gained respect in the scientific community with consistent hard work of its organizers. The objective of publishing this proceedings is to record, acknowledge, and share the cherished contribution made by the symposium participants. This proceeding contains 52 peer-reviewed papers with were selected from more than 100 submissions. With our warmest regards, Yuanyuan Chen, Lin Liu, Pin Wang, Conference Committees.