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Article Title : Reflections on "Dialogic Communication" in the Post-epidemic Era-- An Example of CGTN's "Point with Liuxin" Smashing Clickbait Segment
Author(s) : Boya Wang
Corresponding Author : Boya Wang
Keywords : COVID-19; Information Epidemic; International Communication; Cross-cultural Communication; Moderator; Agenda Setting.

In the Post-epidemic era, misinformation and disinformation are spreading with extraordinary speed, unprecedented influence and unimaginable poisonous depth in the international public opinion arena, and "information epidemic" has become a new norm accompanying major public health emergencies. Due to ideological bias, Western mainstream media often demonize China's anti-epidemic actions, confusing the public and affecting their awareness and ability to distinguish between true and false information. For China's mainstream foreign propaganda platforms, how to effectively and calmly respond to the "information epidemic" and help the public distinguish between true and false information has become a difficult test they must face. CGTN, as an authoritative mainstream foreign propaganda media, has produced the "The point with Liuxin" program, which is updated simultaneously on Chinese and foreign social media platforms, using the "dialogue communication" method to proactively respond to foreign media reports, cultivating new opportunities in the crisis and opening up a new situation in the change. In this paper, Liu Xin's response to four western media reports on the epidemic in the section of the program "smashing clickbait" is used as an example to reflect on the new road of international communication of "dialogic communication" in the Post-epidemic era.