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Article Title : A Preliminary Study of Burial Weapons in Female Tombs in the Early Medieval China
Author(s) : Jingcun Zong
Corresponding Author : Jingcun Zong
Keywords : The Early Medieval China; Female; Burial Weapons; Chinese Ritual System.

The phenomenon of burial weapons in female tombs existed in the Early Medieval China, and it has the specificity of the time compared with the similar phenomenon in previous generations. By examining the distribution, placement, rank, form and ritual connotation of buried weapons in female tombs during the Early Medieval China, the study believes that buried weapons were concentrated in female scholar groups and were related to the status of female spouses and families of scholar families. Though the Early Medieval China is open in people’s attitude towards contact between men and women, and women have more opportunities to get access to the military, there is no obvious gender differences in the burial weapons in the tomb, but the situation reflects that woman are subject to the associated relationship of male-dominated family ritual system.