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Article Title : Research on the Methods of Improving the Physical Quality of College Students
Author(s) : Dan Guo
Corresponding Author : Dan Guo
Keywords : College Students; Sports; Physical Fitness.

The word "physical fitness" may not be unfamiliar to many people. I remember when I was a child, the slogan we often chanted at the sports meeting was "develop sports and enhance people's physique". In recent years, the Ministry of education has put forward the slogan of "exercise one hour a day, work healthily for 50 years, live happily for a lifetime". It can be seen how important it is to have a good health! In fact, what we usually say is that this person has good physical fitness and strong athletic ability, which usually refers to various abilities displayed by the human body in muscle activities. Generally including strength, speed, endurance, sensitivity and flexibility. However, in life, many students ignore this ability and don't know how to exercise and improve their physical fitness. As a result, their physical fitness, athletic ability, and resistance are reduced! Based on the analysis of the status quo of college students' physical fitness, this article strives to explore ways and methods to improve students' physical fitness and health.