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Article Title : Research on Innovative Construction of Sports and Health Service Center for the Elderly in Community
Author(s) : Dong Han, Yingxue Chen
Corresponding Author : Dong Han
Keywords : Community Sports; Sports for the Elderly; Health Service Centers; Combination of Medical and Nursing Care; Sports; Model Innovation.

With the increasing trend of population aging, the importance of community sports health services for the elderly has become more and more prominent, but its particularity is also obvious. On the one hand, the cost of health services for the elderly is high, and families need to pay higher fees; on the other hand, On the one hand, the efficiency of family services for the elderly is low, and the society needs to provide centralized solutions. Based on the paper, in order to understand the characteristics of elderly exercise behavior, the use and satisfaction of basic public sports services, and the provision and satisfaction of related services of community medical and health service institutions, explore and analyze the relevant influencing factors and influences of community elderly exercise behaviors Based on the conclusions drawn, develop community-based elderly exercise behavior promotion strategies based on public services of physical medicine, so as to further improve the physical and mental health and quality of life of the elderly.