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Article Title : Integration of Public and Private Fields of Emotional Observation Variety Show and its Optimization Strategy -- Taking the Reality Show Heart Signal as an Example
Author(s) : Keqin Wu
Corresponding Author : Keqin Wu
Keywords : Heart Signal; Public Domain; Integration of Public and Private Domains.

In 2020, the emotional observation variety show represented by Heart Signal continues to be popular. With the positive feedback from the audience market, the problems caused by the integration of public and private domains become increasingly prominent. By using the methods of text analysis and network domain observation, this paper studies the status quo of privatization in public domain and publicity in private domain in the program Heart Signal, reflecting on the value misleading of guests in the program, the waste of media public resources and the forced invasion of personal private domain, and puts forward balanced optimization strategies to maintain universality, individuality and specialization. It is expected to attract the attention of the industry, and make a supplement to the theoretical research on the integration of public and private domains in the variety show.