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Article Title : Training Business English Professionals with Cross-border E-commerce Mode under the Background of Hainan Free Trade Port -- A Case Study of OCALE National Cross-border E-commerce Competition
Author(s) : Huimin Jiang
Corresponding Author : Huimin Jiang
Keywords : Hainan Free Trade Port; Business English; Cross-border E-commerce; OCALE; Talent Training.

Hainan is the only free trade port with Chinese characteristics, and its construction cannot be separated from the support of versatile talents. There is a huge gap between the Business English talents trained in colleges and universities and the actual needs. Based on the SWOT analysis of cultivating Business English talents with OCALE mode, it is concluded that although some students will have increased curriculum pressure and short-term lack of external investment, the deficiency can be made up by online teaching. It is necessary and feasible to combine the Cross-border E-commerce model with the training of Business English talents. This method of adding OCALE mode to the training program can maximize the theoretical advantages of OBE concept of Business English, optimize the training mechanism of Business English talents and provide high-quality talents for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.