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Article Title : Research on Practice Platform and Operation Mode of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Higher Vocational College Students
Author(s) : Shengsheng Wang
Corresponding Author : Shengsheng Wang
Keywords : Higher Vocational Colleges; Undergraduate Entrepreneurship; Practice; Entrepreneurship Platform.

The paper designs an integrated digital campus APP, which aims to provide a more convenient campus information acquisition platform for all teachers and students of vocational and technical colleges. The integrated digital campus is a manifestation of the level of informatization construction of universities and integrates various aspects of the school information to enrich school life. This entrepreneurial practice platform is based on the tripartite cooperation between government, school and enterprise to build an entrepreneurial practice platform to further clarify the role and status of schools, enterprises, and the government in the management of college students’ entrepreneurship, solve the current problems of checks and balances of interests that prevail in the current government-School-enterprise cooperation, and establish a government The long-term mechanism of School-enterprise cooperation development with vocational colleges and enterprises as the main body and industry associations as the intermediary promotes the in-depth development of undergraduate entrepreneurship and achieves practical results.