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Article Title : Reflection and Enlightenment from "Needham's Grand Question" to "The Qian's Doubt"
Author(s) : Jiayi Li
Corresponding Author : Jiayi Li
Keywords : Needham's Grand Question; The Qian's Doubt; Personnel Training Mode; Science and Technology.

"Needham's Grand Question" and "The Qian's Doubt" are both problems worthy of deep thinking and research in the history of China's science and technology development, and they are also a difficult proposition about the development of China's education, which need to be solved by the whole education circle and even all walks of life. Through the analysis and summary of "Needham's Grand Question" and "The Qian's Doubt", this paper comprehensively combs the consistency and difference between them, and puts forward the core role of "human" in science and technology activities. Through the analysis and research of this paper, the author thinks that there are some disadvantages in the cultivation mode of innovative talents in China, such as the shackles of traditional selection mode, the lack of teachers, the backwardness of teaching ideas, and so on, and then puts forward some suggestions on the cultivation of innovative talents according to the current situation of teaching in China.