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Article Title : Research on the Construction of Online Open Course Platform of Physics in Engineering University of Independent College in MOOC3.0 Era
Author(s) : Ting Zhu, Ya Wen
Corresponding Author : Ya Wen
Keywords : MOOC3.0; College Physics; Online Open Course Platform.

With the rapid development of network and continuous innovation of education, online education has developed rapidly. The application of online open course platform is more and more extensive. Because of the advantages of online open course platform, students can choose their places freely and arrange their study time reasonably, which provides great convenience for teaching. MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) breaks the geographical, time and language restrictions, helps students get the curriculum resources of world-class universities and teachers online, and will greatly promote the rapid development of education and teaching in China. At present, online open courses have ushered in the era of MOOC3.0. College physics is a compulsory course for engineering students in independent colleges, which plays an important role in cultivating students' thinking ability and scientific literacy. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate resources and concentrate efforts to build a compound team with multi-dimensional integration of schools, schools and enterprises and schools; Online and offline, complementing each other, relying on online open courses to build innovative teaching models; Learn from each other's strengths and make efforts to build a new type of intelligent online open course.