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Article Title : Research on the External Earnings Pressure and Corporate Earnings Management of GEM Listed Companies
Author(s) : Hongkai Wang
Corresponding Author : Hongkai Wang
Keywords : External Earnings Pressure; Real Earnings Management; Accrued Earnings Management; Information Asymmetry; CEO Duality.

Taking China's Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) listed companies from 2013 to 2019 as the research sample, this paper examines the impact of external earnings pressure on corporate earnings management, and further explores the moderating effects of information asymmetry and CEO duality on the relationship between two of them. The research results show that external earnings pressure can effectively suppress the real earnings management of enterprises; the impact of such suppression will decrease as the degree of information asymmetry increases, and then transform into catering mechanism; the suppression effect of external earnings pressure is more significant in the enterprises where the CEO is not concurrently chairman of the board, however, the impact of external earnings pressure on accrued earnings management is not significant. Therefore, appropriate external earnings pressure is conducive to the company's long-term performance. In order to exert the suppressive effect of external earnings pressure, it is necessary to further standardize the accounting information disclosure system of listed companies in China, enhance the analysis and forecasting level of securities analysts, and control the power of internal executives of enterprises.