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Article Title : Education Matching Level, Family Asset Choice and Residents' Well-being-- Empirical Study based on Data Sources from Chinese Household Finance Survey
Author(s) : Wenjing Gu, Tianyang Geng and Tian Huang
Corresponding Author : Wenjing Gu
Keywords : Education Matching Level; Family Asset Choice; Residuals' Well-being.

This paper uses data sources from the Chinese Household Finance Survey (CHFS), applying Mediating Effects analysis method to study how the difference of the education levels between wives and husbands affects residents’ well-being through influencing family asset selection. The empirical results show that: 1) the greater the gap of the education levels is, the greater the tendency that the family prefers investment in durable goods rather than financial products; 2) Choices of assets investment has a significant impact on residents' well-being. Generally, ‘happier’ families tend to have more stable investments.3) Family's choice of assets plays a partial mediating role in the relationship between educational matching level and family well-being. This paper reveals that education matching level is part of the economic reasons that affect residents' well-being, and has reference significance for family stability and family asset investment.