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Article Title : Research on Key Influencing Factors of Sustainable Development of Urban Digital Economy
Author(s) : Zifu Fan, Yun Wu
Corresponding Author : Zifu Fan
Keywords : Digital Economy; Sustainable Development; Influencing Factors; Principal Component Analysis.

In order to scientifically measure the sustainable development level of the urban digital economy, four first-level indicators including information infrastructure, technological innovation, economic growth, and social development have been constructed, Internet broadband access users, internal expenditures for R&D projects, and full-time R&D personnel An evaluation index system for the sustainable development of urban digital economy with 16 secondary indicators such as equivalent, e-commerce sales, urban public financial expenditures, and software business income, and using principal component analysis based on the development data of 31 provinces and cities across the country Obtaining the weights of indicators at all levels, it is empirically concluded that information infrastructure is the most important factor in the sustainable development of the digital economy. The sustainable development level of the digital economy in the eastern region is significantly higher than that in the western region, effectively revealing the current impact on the development of the digital economy in China’s cities the key influencing factors of China’s eastern, central and western cities’ digital economy.