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Article Title : Research on Customer Satisfaction Improvement of Red Tourist Attractions based on Kano-IPA Model-- Taking Liugong Island Scenic Spot as an Example
Author(s) : Ding Li, Yiming Xiao and Longfei Li
Corresponding Author : Longfei Li
Keywords : Kano Model; IPA Analysis; Satisfaction Enhancement; Red Tourism.

As a special scenic spot with dual functions of entertainment and education, it is a unique social task of the red scenic spot to provide tourists with a certain degree of ideological improvement while providing leisure. With the continuous improvement of consumers' living standard and the expansion of their demand for ideological education, tourists' expectation and experience of red tourist spots have also increased. Taking various measures to improve tourists' satisfaction is not only conducive to improving the resource pattern of scenic spots and promoting the vigorous development of scenic spots, but also conducive to inheriting red culture and educating people. Based on the theory of tourist perceived value, through to the scenic area tourist satisfaction ascension related theories and literature discussion, the Kano model and IPA analysis to integrate to form the red tourism scenic tourist satisfaction model, and applied it in the red tourism scenic area of study, eventually determine the scenic promotion strategy factors of various aspects.