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Article Title : Research on Risk Management of Financial Leasing Company-- Taking Ping An Financial Leasing Company as an Example
Author(s) : Shifang Zhang, Qihao Lv
Corresponding Author : Shifang Zhang
Keywords : Financial Leasing; Risk Management; Financial Enterprises; Countermeasures.

Nowadays, financial leasing has become one of the most important financing methods in the world, and the prospect of financial leasing business is becoming more and more clear as the supply-side reform is carried out in an orderly manner in the whole country. With the rapid development of financial leasing business, China's financial leasing industry has gradually exposed problems such as lagging supporting laws and regulations, unscientific and unsound risk control system, etc. Secondly, due to the complexity of financial leasing business itself, involving various rights and numerous related parties, the financial leasing industry is still facing huge risks. Therefore, this paper intends to take Ping An Financial Leasing Company as the research object, through analyzing the basic status quo of Ping An Financial Leasing Company, find out the existing problems and reasons in its financial leasing business, and then put forward effective risk management strategies, so as to provide relevant peers and scholars with appropriate reference.