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Article Title : Analysis of International Trade Trend Post COVID-19 and Respond Strategy for Guangdong Province
Author(s) : Li Zhang
Corresponding Author : Li Zhang
Keywords : Post COVID-19; Import and Export; Guangdong Province; Respond Strategy.

Starting from the beginning of 2020, COVID-19, an unexpected public healthy incident, has deeply influenced China’s society and economy, so as to the world. The conquered pandemic in China is still being spread in the world, so it is hard for China to go back to the normal way without world’s stability as the former has been benefited a lot from the globalization in past decades. Based on domestic and oversea pandemic situation, the author of this article analyzed China’s import and export condition by taking Guangdong Province as a typical sample, which has contributed the most foreign trade revenue to the country during last over 30 years. Although foreign trade has not recovered from the incident, some new trends and change occurred. Fast growing cross-border ecommerce and substitution of major trade partner are affecting the foreign trade form and structure, which may change China’s import and export in the long run. After analyzing some existing and potential threats to international trade, the author put forward some feasible respond strategy.