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Article Title : Manufacturing Agglomeration and Competitive Advantage of Regional Industry-- Empirical Analysis on Manufacturing Data in Pearl River Delta
Author(s) : Chengxue Tan, Yuting Li
Corresponding Author : Chengxue Tan
Keywords : Manufacturing; Industry Agglomeration; Industry Competitiveness.

Industry agglomeration, a new feature and trend for the development the modern industries, constitute the primary factors that impacts the competitiveness of industries. This article, based on manufacturing data in Pearl River Delta from 2007 to 2016, explores the current situation of industry cluster in Pearl River based on the research on this area and makes an analysis on its impact on the industry competitiveness. Specifically, it employs location quotient to measure to what extent the industry are clustered first and then verified its contribution to the improvement of industry competitiveness by use of the multivariate linear regression model. And the experiment proved its stability. The research shows that industry clusters exist in most of cities in Pearl River Delta and the manufacturing industry has a positive effect on their industrial competitive advantages. This article may shed light on the making of urban policies for economic development and enhancing of industry competitiveness.