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Article Title : Analysis of China's Industrial Shifts Pathway
Author(s) : Xing Sun and Lian Liu
Corresponding Author : Xing Sun
Keywords : Industrial Shifts; Industrial Transformation; Relative Net Flow.

Based on the current classification standards of pollution industries and technical levels, this paper further divides the industries into four categories: high-pollution and low-tech industries, high-pollution high-tech industries, low-pollution high-tech industries and low-pollution low-tech industries. On this basis, the method of measuring the relative net flow of industrial shift is introduced to calculate the net flow of industrial shift in each region. The analysis shows that for high-pollution and low-tech industries, the shift effect from coastal areas is obvious, and the central, northeastern, and northwestern regions have become the main gathering place for these shifts. When it comes to low-pollution and high-tech industries, there is a certain degree of agglomeration shifts to coastal areas. As for high-pollution and high-tech industries, there has not shown any evidence of a shift from coastal areas to any other region. It is still showing an agglomeration shift to coastal areas.