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Article Title : Analysis on the Paths of Rural Financial Poverty Alleviation in Anqing City
Author(s) : Xuelin Dong, Muyan Huang
Corresponding Author : Muyan Huang
Keywords : Financial Poverty Alleviation; Rural Revitalization; Farmers.

In 2020, affected by the “novel coronavirus” and the rainy season along the Yangtze River, Anqing City faced some practical obstacles in the process of implementing the targeted poverty alleviation strategy. In this article, the methods of literature review and random interviews are used to screen and summarize the targeted poverty alleviation methods in rural areas of Anqing City. It is found that the poverty alleviation methods of Anqing City are diversified, but the financial poverty alleviation model is not effective in helping the rural poor to get rid of poverty, and there are many practical difficulties. Therefore, based on the actual conditions of the counties, districts and villages of Anqing City, corresponding suggestions are put forward from the perspectives of financial resource allocation, the role of primary financial institutions, and the improvement of primary poverty alleviation policies, hoping that the financial poverty alleviation model can create vitality for the local poverty alleviation process, remove obstacles, and achieve the goal of poverty alleviation as soon as possible.