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Article Title : Teaching Exploration Research on Online Course "Career Guidance" in Higher Vocational Colleges -- Taking Hunan Defense Industry Polytechnic as an Example
Author(s) : Yue Liang, Peng Luo and Yu Jia
Corresponding Author : Yue Liang
Keywords : Employment; Online Courses; Teaching; Higher Vocational Education.

In the case of repeated delays in the start of the spring school, vocational colleges have also launched nearly half of online teaching. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center arranged online teaching of the "Employment Guidance" course to comprehensively and thoroughly promote the employment guidance work, so that students can correctly face the "employment season" that is more difficult than ever due to economic difficulties under the influence of the epidemic. Classes are taught in a team form, with a live lecturer and a number of auxiliary teaching teachers to build a teaching resource library, which is a new teaching model through student self-study-class discussion-teacher inspiration-teacher summary-student practice consolidation -assistant teacher checking homework, the lecturer's guided teaching activities, such as polling questionnaires, brainstorming, discussion and answering, and classroom testing, further improve students' independent thinking ability.