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Article Title : The Significance of Sinicization of Marxism to the Development of Contemporary Chinese Society
Author(s) : Xinya Zhao
Corresponding Author : Xinya Zhao
Keywords : Principles of Marxism; Sinicization of Marxism; Meaning of Marxism.

With the establishment of socialism in our country, the relevant theories of Marxism have become an important theoretical basis for the survival and development of our country. In the continuous exploration of China's development path from generation to generation, Marxist theory has been continuously enriched. In order to explore the path of my country's development and advancement, Chinese researchers formed the theoretical crystallization of the Sinicization of Marxism based on China's basic national conditions and combined with Marxist exploration. Today, when socialism is constantly developing, Marxism still has a profound impact on the development of our country and provides inexhaustible driving force for the construction of our country. Based on the basic principles of Marxism and the relevant theories about the Sinicization of Marxism, this article points out the significance of this theory to my country's development. This article has certain reference significance for scholars and enthusiasts studying the theory.