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Article Title : Analysis on the Path of Rural Women Organization Based on Transition Model
Author(s) : Yao Yao
Corresponding Author : Yao Yao
Keywords : Rural Governance; Public Service; Women Participation; Self-Organization; Endogeneity.

In order to overcome the problems existing in the process of developing rural self-government power, to activate the endogenous power of rural women, and to cultivate rural women's ability to participate in public governance, this paper proposes a new application strategy of rural women organizational path based on transition model. The application strategy constructs an "excited state--action state" model, and analyzes the influencing factors of rural self-organization from three dimensions, namely, the individualization of public service concept, the organization of individual behavior, and the legalization of organization. Based on this, this paper also grabs the application of self-organization to play its own strong driving effect, so that the concept of public service radiates to the cultivation of rural self-government forces in more areas. The results show that the application strategy can activate the endogenous power of rural women scientifically and efficiently, improve the ability of rural women to participate in public management, and lay a good foundation for the development and application of Rural Revitalization Strategy.