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Article Title : Integration Research of Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Textile in Jing-chu Area and Curriculum System of Local Colleges and Universities
Author(s) : Lei Zhang, Junci Liu, Xinyu Peng
Corresponding Author : Junci Liu
Keywords : Jing-chu; Textile; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Colleges and Universities; Curriculum; Combination.

Protection of intangible cultural heritage of textile in Jing-chu area is a systemic engineering that needed to be carried out orderly and continuously. There should be protection and it should be ensured that inheritance of “intangible cultural heritage” should be in order. There are many conjunction points between the protection of intangible cultural heritage of textile in Jing-chu area and the art teaching in colleges and universities. There should be full use of such advantages as students, faculties and curriculum setting in colleges and universities to transfer the “intangible cultural heritage” project as local art education resource. According to the cultivation target of the university, there is integration of the curriculum in semesters. It is not only the important content of the innovation of curriculum reform in local universities and colleges, and it could also build up a platform for local colleges and universities to protect the “intangible cultural heritage”. It is so beneficial to the characteristic discipline construction in colleges and universities and the inheritance of local culture.