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Article Title : Countermeasures to Improve English Teaching Effectiveness in Rural Middle Schools
Author(s) : Yingqian Chen
Corresponding Author : Yingqian Chen
Keywords : Rural Middle School; New Curriculum Standard; Teaching Resources; English Teaching.

Complete implementation of the new curriculum standards has accelerated the pace of rural curriculum reform and brought vitality to the teaching of English in rural middle schools. However, there are still many problems. For example, most English teachers have outdated teaching ideas, and adopt traditional teaching modes in order to meet examination requirements, the use of teaching resources is limited to the supporting reference materials and some self-made teaching aids, and most teachers lack the understanding to utilize technology for multimedia -assisted teaching. In addition, due to rural curriculums often being guided by more urban standards, rural English teachers also encounter some difficulties in the use and processing of teaching materials. To combat these factors, further strengthening of on-the-job training for rural teachers, increasing investment in rural education, and properly reforming existing teaching materials are necessary measures to improve the quality of rural English teaching.