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Article Title : Trust: The Key Variable of the Interaction between Community Social Organizations and Community Neighborhood Committees
Author(s) : Yingdong Wei, Jia Chen and Shanjie Duan
Corresponding Author : Yingdong Wei
Keywords : Community Social Organization; Neighborhood Committee; Trust Relationship; Thinking Shift; Communication and Coordination.

Trust is the key variable of the interaction between community social organizations and community neighborhood committees. With the development of community, the role of community social organizations in the community has attracted much attention. On the basis of Coleman's trust theory, this study explores the influence of trust on the interaction between community social organizations and neighborhood committees through field trips of the community and interviews with relevant personnel. It is found that trust is the key element affecting community social organizations and community neighborhood committees through research, there is an interactive mechanism of "positive circle" and "negative circle" between the two. On the one hand, promoting the good circle of interaction between the two requires the thinking change of community neighborhood committees, on the other hand, it also requires community social organizations to take the initiative to communicate and coordinate with community neighborhood committees.