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Article Title : Research on College Physical Education Reform Under the New Situation
Author(s) : Xin Bo
Corresponding Author : Xin Bo
Keywords : College Physical Education; Reform; Countermeasures.

The teenagers are healthier, the country will be stronger, and teenagers are the country's future and also the nation's hope. A good physical quality is absolutely essential for teenagers' growth. Therefore, under the new situation, there exists new opportunities and challenges for college physical education, thus, the college physical education reform is imperative under the new situation, which will attract much care of college physical educators and experts. First of all, in this paper, the writer discusses several problems, which exists in nowadays college physical education teaching through deep investigation. Then it puts forward good countermeasures for college physical education reform. The author believes that under the new situation, the smooth progress of college physical education teaching reform needs the cooperation of all aspects. The majority of university physical educators and university leaders should attach great importance to, actively participate in, seriously organize the implementation, based on the actual situation of the school, give strong support in policy and financial resources, pay attention to the cultivation of university physical education teachers' professional theoretical knowledge level and skills, follow the scientific physical education teaching rules, according to students' physical and mental characteristics and individual differences, establishing a scientific and complete curriculum theory system, in order to reach the lifelong education concept of college physical education.