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2nd International Conference on Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS 2021)

October 23-24, 2021 | Suzhou City, China

Editors: Pin Wang, Xiaoling Dong

ISBN: 978-1-62437-330-5

Publication Date: October 2021

ISSS 2021(3)(1)(1)(1)

ISSS 2021(3)(1)(1)(1)


HASS 2021: Preface
Article Title: Preface: 2nd International Conference on Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS 2021)
HASS 2021: Statement of Peer Review
Article Title: Statement of Peer Review: 2nd International Conference on Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS 2021)
Article Title: Study of the New Security Situation in Eurasia and Russia's Strategic Choice
Author(s): Zezheng Xu, Mingyan Gu
Article Title: New Exploration of Luoyang Palace Lantern Culture in Cultural Creative Products
Author(s): Kun Wang
Article Title: Analysis of the Characteristics of Jingchu Patterns in Cultural and Creative Products-- Take Zeng Houyi's Zhong Wenchuang as an Example
Author(s): Xinrui Deng
Article Title: Research on the Homogeneity Phenomenon of New Rural Residential Buildings and its Renewal-- A Case Study of the New Rural Demonstration Area in Yangzhu River Basin of Jianghan Plain
Author(s): Jie Qiu, Dingyuan Liu, Zepeng Liu
Article Title: Research on Most-favoured-nation Principle in the Context of Investment Dispute Settlement
Author(s): Yan Hong
Article Title: A Comparative Study on the Image Construction of Hangzhou in Sino US Environmental Reports in 2020 -- Taking People's Daily, Qianjiang Evening News and New York Times as Examples
Author(s): Yingchao Feng
Article Title: The "Femininity" of Artistic Works in Sino-German Intercultural Activities
Author(s): Ju Xiong, Jing Yang
Article Title: Design of Architectural Symbolization and Metaphorical Expression-- Taking the Jute Uprising Memorial Hall as an Example
Author(s): Jie Qiu, Yixuan Fan, Yue Sun
Article Title: The Advancement and Limitations of Female in Astronomer's Wife from the Perspective of Gaze Theory
Author(s): Shujin Wang
Article Title: Research and Construction of the Holistic View of Book Binding Design from the Perspective of Gestalt Psychology
Author(s): Jie Chen
Article Title: Research on the Application of Chinese Character Graphics in Logo Design -- Taking the Year of the Tiger Logo as an Example
Author(s): Xin Wei, Yuhao Long
Article Title: Research on the Communication Design of Campus Public Space-- Taking the Case of Baiquan University for the Elderly Transformation as an Example
Author(s): Jie Qiu, Qian Yan
Article Title: Research on Renovation of Old Public Housing Buildings and Surrounding Landscape-- Taking the Old Public Housing in Hefei as an Example
Author(s): Lingling Zhang, Yi Hu and Jiawei Zhai
Article Title: Harbin Ice and Snow Folk Festival under the Perspective of "Community Participation"
Author(s): Tong Tong
Article Title: Children's Cognitive Development in Perception and Memory
Author(s): Jie Song
Article Title: The "Continuation and Development" of the Architectural Landscape of Lifen in the Historic District-- Taking Hanrunli as an Example
Author(s): Jie Qiu, Yue Sun, Yixuan Fan
Article Title: Study of School Culture and Power in a Primary School of Leicestershire
Author(s): Ning Wang
Article Title: The Application of Vlog in the Establishment and Management of Stars' Personal Setting
Author(s): Lujiao Zeng
Article Title: Chinese Labour in World War I from the Perspective of Documentary Films
Author(s): Linlin Jiang
Article Title: The Phenomenon of Convergent Renewal Design and its Enlightenment-- A Case Study the Transformation Plan of North Street in Xiangyang Ancient City
Author(s): Jie Qiu, Zepeng Liu, Dingyuan Liu
Article Title: Comparative Study of the Construction Femininity of Chinese Female Medical Personnel Against COVID-19 Reported in China Daily and the New York Times from Perspective of Systemic Functional Linguistics
Author(s): Chenxing Zhang and Yuanzhe Li
Article Title: Research on the Cavalry of the Western Han Dynasty
Author(s): Cheng Xing
Article Title: Product and Advertising Design of PetFert
Author(s): Yangbingsong Xia, Thomas Wilkinson and Claudia Dowling
Article Title: Research on Strategies of Telling China's Red Stories from the Perspective of Cross-cultural Communication
Author(s): Yunxuan Zhuo
Article Title: Intimacy and Alienation: Family Intimate Relationship in Binary Field based on Text Analysis of the Epidemic Diary
Author(s): Lujiao Zeng
Article Title: Application of the Principle of Party Autonomy in the Field of Foreign-related Tort in China
Author(s): Chenyun Zhang
Article Title: How do Beauty Influencers Establish Authenticity in Their Favor? -- Two Case Studies of Beauty Influencer “Zoella” on YouTube and “Mofan Zhang” on Weibo
Author(s): Yiwen Xia
Article Title: On the Innovative Integration of Paper-cut Art Form and Modern IP Illustration
Author(s): Yichen Wei
Article Title: The Aesthetic Appreciation of Architectural Conception and the Research on the Space Design Strategy of Architectural Cultural Innovation
Author(s): Qian Huang, Tingting Wang, Songbo Li, Haoxian Lou
Article Title: Research on the Design of "Empty-Nest Youth" Shared Space based on Emotional Experience
Author(s): Ziyi Zhou
Article Title: Analysis of City Image based on Social Network
Author(s): Yu He, Jinbao Song
Article Title: Research on Visualization Strategies of Architectural Paintings of Building Standards of Song Dynasty
Author(s): Sijie Liu
Article Title: An Overview of Motivation in Second Language Acquisition
Author(s): Jiayin Zhang
Article Title: How the Afghanistan Taliban Seizes Power under the Maintenance of the US Government-- A Game Perspective
Author(s): Tengjiao Wang
Article Title: Study on Pharmaceutical Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in All Courses under the Background of "Double Heights"
Author(s): Lijuan Cheng
Article Title: The Research of Evidence Examination and Evaluation Rules of Court of Arbitration for Sport in Doping Case
Author(s): Hang Zhao
Article Title: A Conception of Interactive Design for Art Museum-oriented VR Exhibition
Author(s): Yichen Li
Article Title: Study on the Recognition and Classification of Opinion Leaders in a Mobile Virtual Community
Author(s): Shan Yang, Xiaoyu You
Article Title: Discussion of Teaching of AutoCAD in China and Singapore
Author(s): Jiaxing Ma, Heng Jin and Yinhui Wang
Article Title: Application of Flipped Classroom in Aeronautical Equipment Practice Teaching
Author(s): He Li, Jie Yu, Lin Li
Article Title: Knowledge Engineering: An Overview of Relevant Literature
Author(s): Anzhe Cheng
Article Title: Application and Research of VR Technology in Campus Culture
Author(s): Kai Cao, Liuyuan Huo, Tonghui Shi
Article Title: The Application of Fashion Elements in Modern Jewelry Design
Author(s): Jiayu Wu
Article Title: Application Expression based on “Symbolism” in Architectural Shape Design-- Taking the Exterior Design of the Theme Building of the Hong'an Huangma Uprising Memorial Hall as an Example
Author(s): Jie Qiu, Ke Yang
Article Title: Research on the Aesthetic Mode of Ethnic Fine Arts under the Background of Ethnic Cultural Exchange
Author(s): Wenhui Liu
Article Title: Countermeasures of Elderly Nursing Education Serving the Elderly Industry from the Perspective of "Combination of Medical Care and Nursing Care"
Author(s): Qingxin Zhu
Article Title: Research on the Application of Law of the Article 1232 of the Civil Code
Author(s): Xinyu Chang
Article Title: On the Translation of Museum Exhibition Texts from the Perspective of Eco-translatology-- A Case Study of Gansu Museum
Author(s): Tongtong Ran
Article Title: Study on the Superiority of China's System from the Perspective of COVID-19 Epidemic
Author(s): Yujie Nie
Article Title: Attitudes Towards Gay and Lesbian: Evidence from Chinese Adults
Author(s): Shi Cheng
Article Title: Symbiosis between Man and Nature -- Consideration of Riverside Landscape of Hanyang River Beach in Wuhan
Author(s): Jie Qiu, Ke Pan
Article Title: Study on the Protection of Ancient Buildings and the Development of Tourism Resources under its Framework-- Taking the Protection of Ancient Buildings in Dongbao District of Jingmen City as an Example
Author(s): Kai Cao, Tonghui Shi, Liuyuan Huo
Article Title: Group Collaboration and Blended Teaching Practice on Practical English Course based on Production-oriented Approach
Author(s): Jie Yu, Zhiying Zhou, Qixiang Zhang, Jingjing Wang, Kai Zhang, He Li
Article Title: Study on the Determination of the Non-performance of Duties by Administrative Agency in Administrative Public Interest Litigation
Author(s): Wenwei Han
Article Title: Study on the Correlation between Self-consciousness Emotion and Depressive Interpretation Bias
Author(s): Muxin Tan
Article Title: Research on the Cultivation of College Students' Sense of Social Responsibility under the Path of Voluntary Service in Colleges and Universities
Author(s): Can Zhang
Article Title: On the Characteristics and Innovative Application of Gaomi Paper-cut
Author(s): Lijun Wang
Article Title: The Influence of Pop Art on Modern and Contemporary Cultural and Creative Product Design
Author(s): Ran Sun
Article Title: The Case of the Speluncean Explorers-Thoughts on Law and Morality, Public Opinion and Justice
Author(s): Zihan Zhang
Article Title: On the Important Role of Ideological and Political Work in Rural Revitalization
Author(s): Lishan Xu
Article Title: Research on the Embodiment of Regional Culture in Packaging Design-- A Case Study of 1980 Shacha Sauce
Author(s): Guyue Gao, Yisong Chen
Article Title: The Analysis and Application of Font Design in Traffic System Signs
Author(s): Xiaojie Peng
Article Title: Research on Fascinating Design in Printed Books
Author(s): Yuqin Xiao
Article Title: Study on the Contextual Adaptation of Refusal Speech in “A Dream of Red Mansions”
Author(s): Hui Wang
Article Title: Research on Brand Design of Tourism City based on Visual Impression
Author(s): Yicong Chen, Yisong Chen
Article Title: Research on Moral Education and Ideological Leadership of Higher Vocational Students under the New Media Environment
Author(s): Xuelian Chen, Wei Zhou
Article Title: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Author(s): Haoyang Wang
Article Title: The Influence of "Cute" Animal Image on IP Image Design
Author(s): Qian Yang