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2020 International Conference on the Frontiers of Innovative Economics and Management (FIEM 2020)

August 1-2, 2020 | Suzhou City, China & Online

Editors: Xixi Zhou, Pin Wang

ISBN: 978-988-74403-6-9

Publication Date: August 2020

EDMI 2020(3)(1)(1)
FIEM 2020: Preface
Article Title: Preface: 2020 International Conference on the Frontiers of Innovative Economics and Management (FIEM 2020)
FIEM 2020: Statement of Peer Review
Article Title: Statement of Peer Review: 2020 International Conference on the Frontiers of Innovative Economics and Management (FIEM 2020)
Article Title: Research on the Efficiency of Real Estate Development in Shanxi Province under the Background of Urbanization in New Era
Author(s): Cong Rui
Article Title: An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Voluntary Information Disclosure of SMEs
Author(s): Wenni Hao
Article Title: Risk Analysis in Enterprise Mergers and Acquisitions-- Take HNA Industry's Acquisition of CWT as an Example
Author(s): Ziwei Yu
Article Title: Analysis of Problems and Countermeasures of Performance Management in State-owned Enterprises
Author(s): Shiying Zheng
Article Title: Research on Personal Medical Loan under Bank-Medical Cooperation Mode
Author(s): Yao Xu
Article Title: An Empirical Study on the Income Stratification of Socio-economic Status, Environmental Awareness and Environmental Behavior of Urban Residents in China
Author(s): Li Shi
Article Title: An Empirical Study on Management Ability and Credit Risk Assessment based on Data of GEM Listed Companies
Author(s): Mengying Zhang, Yuxuan Zhang
Article Title: Financial Openness, Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Financial Openness
Author(s): Cheng Tao
Article Title: The Impact of New Crown Epidemic, Risk of Stock Price Crash and Corporate Value-- Empirical Evidence from A Listed Companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen
Author(s): Dinghan Xing
Article Title: Influencing Factor Analysis on Innovation Ability of the City Clusters in China's Three Greater Bay Area
Author(s): Jinwei Huang
Article Title: Research on the Challenges and Countermeasures Faced by the Internet Culture Market of Shaanxi Province from the Perspective of New Technology
Author(s): Cuiping Ren
Article Title: Research on Financing Countermeasures of Agricultural Industrialization in Heilongjiang Province of China
Author(s): Xuehong Zhao
Article Title: Comprehensive Research on the Business Model of Logistics Enterprises in the Era of Big Data
Author(s): Junting Li, Wenwen Qiu
Article Title: Corporate Capital Structure and Financing Methods Analysis
Author(s): Yichao Luan
Article Title: Research on the Effect of Supply Side Structural Reform in Guangdong Furniture Industry
Author(s): Shipei Du
Article Title: Survey of Monetary Policy Research based on DSGE Model
Author(s): Qianwei Zhang
Article Title: Research on Evaluation of New Infrastructure Development Degree
Author(s): Chenlu Wang, Shiping Guan
Article Title: Analysis of Sensory Marketing in the Strategy of Brand Personality
Author(s): Wen Wen, Mattia Vattuone
Article Title: Research on the Influence Mechanism of Position Seeking on Employees' Work Behavior based on Target Behavior Theory
Author(s): Guoyan Song, Lu Ma, Yiyi Wei, Peng Xie
Article Title: The Application of Statistics in Finance and Management of Modern Enterprise-- Taking Bright Dairy as an Example
Author(s): Zixuan Mao
Article Title: Research on the Method and Model of Stock Portfolio Analysis
Author(s): Qiyan Zhang
Article Title: Research on the Current Situation of College Students' Internet Consumption Finance and the Influencing Factors of Credit Risk
Author(s): Qiuying Jin, Yuan Tian
Article Title: Research on Macro-control Methods and Effects of China's Real Estate
Author(s): Qianwei Zhang
Article Title: Research on Risk Assessment of Infrastructure Construction Project under PPP Mode
Author(s): Yuxin Shang
Article Title: Analysis of the Influence of Night Illuminance on Tourist Aggregation in Bailuzhou West Park in Xiamen City
Author(s): Taolue Li
Article Title: Study on the Evolution Mechanism of Social Media Business Model based on Value Co-creation Theory: Taking Short Video Social Media TikTok as an Example
Author(s): Enshu Gu, Sirui He and Jing Wu
Article Title: Study on Operation Optimization Strategy of Integrated Energy Service Operators under Peak and Valley Pricing Mechanism
Author(s): Xiaoxuan Wang, Xiao Gao, Shi Tian, Chengren Li, Yanbin Li and Ming Zeng
Article Title: Dynamic Impact Analysis of Urbanization Process, Industrial Structure and Ecological Efficiency in Jiangsu Province
Author(s): Tiantian Lu, Yuanyuan Liu, Qinghua Pang
Article Title: Research on the Game Model of Multi-energy Service Transaction
Author(s): Xiao Gao, Chengren Li, Yuwei Cao, Xiaopeng Guo and Ming Zeng
Article Title: Shopping Motive for Choice on Chinese Consumer Channel Analysis
Author(s): Ke Wang, Yi Wang, Yuchen Yang
Article Title: Research on Anxi Tieguanyin's Marketing Strategy based on Data Analysis of the Whole Network
Author(s): Jingxuan Liang, Huiqi Song, Youcheng Chen
Article Title: Analysis of Family Farm Management Efficiency and its Influencing Factors
Author(s): Xiaoxun Qiu, Shuke Wang, Yuxi Kou
Article Title: Empirical Research on Internet Use and Personal Income of Residents based on CFPS 2016
Author(s): Tingjun Ye, Shangye Li, Jianing Xu, Wenshan Zhou
Article Title: Empirical Analysis on Whether the “Belt and Road” Initiative Promotes the Import Trade Development of Provinces Along the Route based on PSM-DID Method
Author(s): Xin Liu
Article Title: Research on the Impact of Short Video Content Marketing on Consumers' Purchase Intention based on TRA and ELM Comprehensive Model
Author(s): Qiuyan Xu, Tao Huang, Ying Xiong, Ya Zhuo and Xiaolong Ma
Article Title: Research on Marketing Strategy of Ice-Snow Tourism in Arctic Village, Mohe County
Author(s): Wei Gao, Xiaoguo Chang
Article Title: Research on the Influence of Artificial Intelligence Development on Accelerating the Conversion of New and Old Kinetic Energy
Author(s): Dehua Miao
Article Title: Analysis of the Impact of New Technology Environment on Marketing Innovation of Small and Micro Enterprises
Author(s): Wei Gao, Xin Liu
Article Title: The Financial Management Research Firm based in Large Data
Author(s): Yu Sun, Yiliang Liu, Feng Wen
Article Title: Analysis and Research on Effective Ways of Commodity Futures in China's Financial Asset Allocation Strategy Optimization and Upgrade
Author(s): Hongkai Wang, Yu Sun, Xiaoping Ye
Article Title: Research on Effective Identification of Financial Risks in Financial Management
Author(s): Feng Wen, Yu Sun, Yiliang Liu
Article Title: Study of a Liability Analysis Model based on Hamiltonian System
Author(s): Chao Wang, Yi Cui
Article Title: Discussion on Equity Incentive Policy
Author(s): Haining Gao, Xin Zhu
Article Title: The Application of Z-score Model in Credit Rating-- Taking YL Co., Ltd. as an Example
Author(s): Hongyun Jiang, Yunfei Shi
Article Title: Research on the Development Strategy of Ice-Snow Tourism Industry in Arctic Village, Mohe County from the Perspective of Industry Integration
Author(s): Xiaoguo Chang, Wei Gao
Article Title: The Impact of New Technologies on the Migrant Workers in China
Author(s): Guoxian Jin
Article Title: The Critical Analysis of Importance of IAS 38 for Financial Reporting
Author(s): Wenchang Li
Article Title: Rural Infrastructure Shortcomings Issues under the Perspective of Public Economics
Author(s): Wei Wei
Article Title: Research on the Financing Effect of Convertible Bonds of Guangdong Shengyi Sci.Tech Co.,Ltd
Author(s): Haifei Liu, Hongqu Huang and Jiao Wang
Article Title: Research on Financial Risk Management under the Environment of Internet Supply Chain
Author(s): Zeyu Zhang, Shanshan Guo, Yanqing Li
Article Title: Study on a Stock Risk Prediction System and Method based on Sparse Representation
Author(s): Baoyi Hu
Article Title: Research on the Influence of High-Speed Railway on Economic Development of Shanxi Province
Author(s): Zixian Chen, Anna Huang
Article Title: Study on the Construction and Development Strategy of Characteristic Small Town-- Take Northwest China as an Example
Author(s): Jiang Qian, Meng Yang
Article Title: Pingding County Drama Helmet Handicraft Market Analysis and Development Suggestions
Author(s): Xiaomin Liu, Lizhi Wang