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2nd International Conference on Business, Economics, Management Science (BEMS 2020)

March 14-15, 2020 | Hangzhou, China

Editors: Haiqing Zhou, Qin Kang

ISBN: 978-988-74388-3-0

Publication Date: February 2020

BEMS 2020

BEMS 2020


BEMS 2020: Preface
Article Title: Preface: 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics, Management Science (BEMS 2020)
BEMS 2020: Statement of Peer Review
Article Title: Statement of Peer Review: 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics, Management Science (BEMS 2020)
Chapter 1: Economics
Article Title: US's Weaponization of Economic Interdependence and Sino-US Trade Frictions
Author(s): Yuxi Wu
Article Title: A Regression Method based on Data of Nonferrous Metals Industry
Author(s): Xingqiu Wang and Da Chen
Article Title: Study of Regional Economic Growth and International Financial Center based on Dissipation of Rent Theory
Author(s): Jing Cheng, Yang Liu  , Liang Tian
Article Title: Research of Nature of Ultimate Property, Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance of Cultural Enterprises based on Listed Companies of Chinese Cultural Industry
Author(s): Chunyan Shao, Yanguo Zhang
Article Title: Analysis of the Dynamic Relations among Prices of Agricultural Products, Exchange Rate and Inflation
Author(s): Yixin Chen, Guobing Wu
Article Title: Research on Statistical Measurement, Monitoring and Alerting of Initial Distributive Fairness
Author(s): Jingshui Sun, Pingping Wu
Article Title: Measurement and Analysis of Environmental Cost for Land
Author(s): Zhangchen Zhu
Article Title: Calculation of Environmental Degradation Cost based on GGDP and BP-Neural Network
Author(s): Jianping Zhu, Xiaoxiao Liu, Xianxin Jin, Yuepeng Xing
Article Title: Research on the Influencing Factors of Chinese Direct Investment in Vietnam
Author(s): Shoubo Wang, Fang Sun
Article Title: Research on Stock Selection Model based on Stochastic Forest Algorithms
Author(s): Hao Qin
Article Title: Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Chongqing Development based on the Strategy of Rural Rejuvenation
Author(s): Ming Yang, Fen Cheng
Article Title: Study on the Relationship between Political Association, Charitable Donation and Financial Performance-- Based on the Analysis of Private Enterprises of Listed Companies in China
Author(s): Xiuli Li
Article Title: An Empirical Analysis of Economic Development and Environmental Pollution Factors-- Taking Z Province as an Example
Author(s): Yinchen Wang
Article Title: Study on Project Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation Method Considering the New Situation of Electricity Reform
Author(s): Qiang Ye, Weiting Xu, Bo Chen, Siqi Wang, Haoyu Wu
Article Title: Research on Chinese-style Economic Prosperity based on Wisdom Chinese Culture
Author(s): Rui Li
Article Title: Research on the Development and Problems of Third-party Payment in the Context of Internet Finance-- Taking Alipay as an Example
Author(s): Shenlei Li
Article Title: Study on the Influence of Social Capital on the Economic Benefit of Tea-Travel Industry
Author(s): Hangxiao Fang
Article Title: Research on Multiple Linear Regression of Regional Income Distribution based on Cross-Section Data
Author(s): Pengyun Wang and Minxuan Zhong
Article Title: Analysis and Introduction of Multivariate Statistical Method and its Application in Economy
Author(s): Yong Liu
Article Title: Study on Agricultural Development Strategy of Heilongjiang Province in China under the Background of Rural Revitalization
Author(s): Xuehong Zhao, Shuang Guan and Shuo Qu
Article Title: Analysis on the Related Problems of Human Capital Investment and Economic Growth under the Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Background
Author(s): Yuwei Liu, Sisi Wang
Article Title: Analysis of China's Energy Consumption Structure based on Grey Relational Analysis
Author(s): Yiwei Xu
Chapter 2: Business
Article Title: Analysis of the Current Situation and Hidden Worries of Short Video Communication in the Era of Social Media
Author(s): Chengzhi Liu
Article Title: Problems and Countermeasures of Land Compensation Distribution in Reservoir Resettlement Sharing Area
Author(s): Linghui Liu, Chengyan Pu
Article Title: Research on Green Innovation of Chinese Enterprises
Author(s): Yali Liu, Xuehua Wu
Article Title: Beijing Power Retail Transaction Mode under the Background of "Three Characteristics of Enterprise and Two Types of Network "
Author(s): Dunnan Liu, Xiaochun Cheng, Hong Cheng, Qin Wang, Haiying Wang, Qinsheng Lv and Lingxiang Wang
Article Title: Development Strategy of Red Tourism Products in Guangzhou based on RMP Model
Author(s): Lan Chen
Article Title: Research on Project Classification and Ordering Model of Power Grid Companies
Author(s): Xi Wang, Qiang Ye, Haiyan Wang, Yunchi Qiao, Yuwei Cao
Article Title: Spatial Data Analysis in China's Resource Environmental Auditing under the Big Data Background: A Case Study of Medical Waste Auditing based on QGIS
Author(s): Xiuzhi He, Xiaolan Deng and Chaoqi Li
Article Title: Analysis on the Market-oriented Reform of Electricity Sales Side from the Perspective of Government Regulation
Author(s): Bangding Wu
Article Title: Review on the Research on Playfulness in Workplace at Home and Abroad
Author(s): Tingting Chen, Lu Ma, Yiyi Wei, Huihui Huang, Xiaotao Qiao
Article Title: Analysis and Research on Chinese Enterprises' Participation in International Financial and Securities Market based on Internet Big Data
Author(s): Lu Xu
Article Title: The Current Situation, Risks and Development Suggestions of Internet Finance Industry
Author(s): Guangming Jiang
Article Title: Business and Finance Integration in Financial Transformation
Author(s): Mengmeng Luo
Article Title: Research on the Integrated Development of Chongqing Tourism Industry from the Perspective of Global Tourism
Author(s): Ming Yang
Article Title: Research on the Impact Model of Online Community Experience Value on User Participation in Innovation
Author(s): Chaofeng Ye, Yanxia Cheng
Article Title: Research on the Current Situation of Rural E-commerce Industry and its Cultivation Strategies
Author(s): Yunxuan Xie
Article Title: The Composition of the Commercial Space at the Bottom of the High-Rise Complex and the Design of the Environment
Author(s): Zhengrong Shan
Article Title: Research on the Development of Self Driving Tourist Camps Around Chengdu: A Perspective of Corporate Environmental Responsibility
Author(s): Ping Zhao, Hui Zhao
Chapter 3: Management
Article Title: The Establishment of the “Becoming Stronger, doing Better, and Growing Bigger” Evaluation Index System of State Owned Enterprises
Author(s): Ting Pan, Fengkai Qiu, Haoyu Wu, Xiaochun Zhang, Ming Zeng, Gaofeng Chai ,Yuan Zhang and Yali Wu
Article Title: Research on Building Information Model and Construction Project Management based on GIS Spatial Analysis
Author(s): Xiaoyu Yang
Article Title: Research on the Innovation of College Student Management Methods in the Big Data Era
Author(s): Xiling Liu, Shaojuan Chen
Article Title: Research on Employees' Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sense of Work Significance and Organizational Identity
Author(s): Huihui Huang, Lu Ma, Yiyi Wei, Ruxue Pang
Article Title: Construction of Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Project Execution Efficiency
Author(s): Chao Cheng, Haiyan Wang, Ziyi Wang, Zhichao Ren, Mengxin Lan
Article Title: Study on the Planning and Design of the Airport Integrated Transportation Hub
Author(s): Kemeng Li, Xuesong Feng and Weixin Hua
Article Title: Research on Project Demand Pre-judgment and Hierarchical Ordering Technology of Power Grid Company
Author(s): Yue Guo, Rongjing Cui, Kai Cui, Dong Xia, Jing Xu, Juan Zhao, Ting Pan and Weijie Shen
Article Title: Study on the Correlation between Different Occupational Status of Employees and Their Willingness to Proactively Change
Author(s): Tingting Chen, Lu Ma, Yiyi Wei, Xiaotao Qiao