Boya Century Publishing

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About Us

"Ipsascientia potestas est, Knowledge is power."

-- Francis Bacon

"Science and technology are primaryproductive forces."

-- Xiaoping Deng

Boya Century Publishing (BCP) is an academic publisher of journals, conference proceedings and books. BCP publishes peer-reviewed, high quality articles in the areas of science and technology content which was founded in Hong Kong in 2014 with branch offices in Charlotte, USA and Wuhan, China. Our mission is to support the advancement of scientific, technical and medical research by contributing to a more efficient and effective dissemination and exchange of knowledge for the research community at large.

Despite being a young company, BCP is actively connecting with well-known universities and research institutes. We have a group of experienced editors and publishing experts who are dedicated to publishing high-quality journals, conference proceedings and books. We offer the scholars various academic publications covering a variety of subjects and are committed to reducing the hassles of scholarly publishing.